Essential Elements

Essential Elements are those attributes that set us apart and make us unique.

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Our Vocations

Our goal is to make every experience around planning and insurance one that make you feel good about the decisions you make.

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Enlightened Continuity™

Enlightened Continuity focuses on the mindful development of collaborative family based goals.

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The Mindfulness Revolution and Insurance

"When I explain that I have been doing mindfulness practices for over 35 years and that I have incorporated those practices into Cove for more than 5 years people become curious. They also wonder how mindfulness fits into a business setting."

Bernie Geiss, TEP, FEA, CLU, CFP, CHS - President, Founder

We sell insurance and do planning from a unique perspective.

Mindfulness practices have helped us develop a unique culture within Cove that is based on the promotion of healthful and stress free living. Developing our individual abilities to be mindful makes us a better organization because it positively impacts everything we do including being a better service provider. In addition to being a positive environment, the underpinning philosophy of mindfulness provides a solid foundation of values and high ethical standards from which to operate in this often highly competitive field. The natural extension of our vision is to develop ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into planning engagements to deliver consistently better outcomes.

Our aim is to create a culture and community based on mindfulness practices that is attractive to individuals and businesses who are looking for

  • a deeper level of understanding of your continuity choices and insurance options available
  • solutions that are perfectly suited to your specific needs
  • an organization that has, as its foundation, a philosophy based on building happiness as well as monetary wealth
  • help in dealing with the difficult issues that can arise in the continuity planning process

Mindfulness creates an atmosphere of honest communication, collaborative thinking and creative solution finding. In addition to using this powerful tool within our organization we have the expertise to help you and your family integrate mindfulness practices into any planning process or organiziational struture. Our starting point is our engagement as planners, from there you are in the drivers seat.

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